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Not everything I do makes the cut for you my YouTube channel! I have a lot of opinions and I wanted an outlet to share these things with you! If you’re interested in more from me, here are some things you can expect from my newsletter!

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I have a lot of opinions! Not all of them make it on to the YouTube Channel.

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I'm passionate about working with people in person, teaching and learning! I have some wild events planned for the future.

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I hate getting gifts. But I love giving them! I announce regular giveaways of my favoritr products and services!

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who am i in 60 seconds?

I’m on a mission to help people take full control of their health. I’ve spent the past 3 years self-experimenting in in the space of health, wellness, and biohacking technology. I specialize in sleep, but cover a broad range of health gadgets on my YouTube channel with new videos each week.

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